Flower Teardrop Necklace

$ 45.00

Flower Teardrop Necklace. Each piece is handmade with real flowers and sterling silver from Taxco, Mexico. Each piece is unique due to handcrafting. 1 1/2" X 1"

The history of Taxco, Mexico has three distinct eras:

The first is the era of the Aztecs who were then conquered by the Spanish, staking claim to their silver and gold, starting with Hernan Cortes in 1521.

The second era is the revival of Taxco by Don Jose de la Borda, who arrived from Spain in 1761.  He struck a fortune in Taxco and in gratitude built among other things (schools, roads, houses) the beautiful and now famous Santa Prisca Catherdral, an ornate catherdral with lots of gold trim in the Spanish Baroque style.

The third era is marked by the arrival of William Spratling in 1926,  a U.S. citizen  and associate architecture professor from Tulane University arrived in Taxco to study Mexico and its culture. He motivated the community artisans to create designs and rediscover the craft of silversmithing. With his own designs he created an apprentice system of training young silversmiths with artistic talent and gave them the opportunity to develop their skills.

Today, Taxco is a thriving community of artisans, crafting new designs, preserving their rich heritage

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